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Front page » COLECCIÓN ERRORES-Líquido corrector

COLECCIÓN ERRORES-Líquido corrector


100 x 70 cm.

"Error is a form of creation"

NECESIDAD. 100 x 70 cm.
DISGUSTO. 100 x 70 cm.

More works:

«This series of pieces are born as a result of the game and technical experimentation with a material that serves to eliminate errors but which does not allow corrections. This material is Correction Fluid or Tipp-ex, a material that does not allow any correction, cannot be removed or erased.

This series of works allows us to observe the light falling on the faces of the people represented, thus seeing the errors and the looks of the face. Some works made simply by working with light and not shadow, registering the gesture and each brushstroke that is added, being reflected instantly.

100 x 70 cm.

100 x 70 cm.