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Gustavo Alba

Gustavo Alba Benito…

es un artista contemporáneo, el cual enfoca su obra en el proceso creativo. Trabaja la experimentación técnica; y mezcla el arte tradicional y la creación audiovisual para obtener piezas que resuman su proceso de trabajo artístico. Sus obras representan principalmente imágenes figurativas, elaboradas con materiales y herramientas que conceptualmente representen el paso del tiempo (como por ejemplo el óxido o el sello fechador).

Born in Ávila and graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca, he currently resides in Valencia where he does all his artistic production; and apart from researching and working on various conceptual lines, seeking above all to play with art and new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, social networks or Virtual Reality.

Nacido en Ávila y graduado en Bellas Artes en la Universidad de Salamanca, actualmente reside en Valencia donde realiza toda su producción artística; y a parte de investigar y trabajar en varias líneas conceptuales, busca ante todo jugar con el arte y las nuevas tecnologías, como son la Inteligencia Artificial, las redes sociales o la Realidad Virtual.

"What is hidden is worth more than what is shown"

«Wrinkles are the grooves of life

through which the water passes

the water that leaves

as marks a river

in the bed of stone.«

Jorge Hormill.

Life there is only one.

«A life that can be lived in one and a thousand ways, but the way we live has always been marked by what preceded us. Gustavo Alba Benito, through his work, somehow seeks to evoke a solemn reverence for the countless lessons that time has to teach. Each portrait is unique and somehow has an indelible mark that somehow describes all those futile moments that make up our being, that fate has arbitrarily arranged for each of us who inhabit this world.

We are what we live, memories are what forms the individual. For this reason, the reflection that Gustavo makes when making his portraits is relevant, since they are stories that have been lived and that have been engraved on the skin over time. It would be bold to say that the author is not devoted to all the vital lessons that remain to be understood. Lessons that are only possible through experience. That seniority that remains marked in the depths of being, thus being the face a faithful reflection of what happened.

Without memories, the being would be an empty and inert carcass. Instead, stroke by stroke, the author is able to encapsulate those memories and build a visual narrative around them. The timeless chromatic harmony that can be seen in his works is undoubtedly an exquisite precision of everything that surrounds his works. In addition, note that the density of darkness in the works is not, if not, a strong conviction of the overwhelming reality of the presence of mortality that, real and disastrous, is inevitable.

We are all finite and the only way to perpetuate being is through memory; the memory that can only be faithfully represented through the face.»